Do Not Shrink!

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

As one of the most passionate and dedicated leaders of our time, Nelson Mandela knew the importance of what type of image must be cast for others to follow.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light and not our darkness that most frightens us. We say to ourselves, who am I to be beautiful or successful. ~Nelson Mandela

More importantly he was aware of the MINDSET of those who followed him and how to uplift the consciousness of many with the power of a single focused mind. Mandela called this liberated consciousness and we commonly refer to it in the Chiropractic culture as Prosperity Consciousness.

Unlike most others, however, Mandela did not bring this message to his people from a standpoint of prosperity and how to live it. There was too much of a canyon for most of his followers to cross from their suppressed mindset to get their goal. He, instead, taught them how to overcome their poverty consciousness, and as they made this journey they became enlightened to their possibilities.

The first step of becoming the Chiropractic Leader that we all strive to be is to first break free of those thought processes that you hope to help others conquer. Mandela spoke of this in what, to us, is the most powerful of his many teachings.

Who are you not to be successful? You are a child of God. Playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightening about shrinking so that others will not feel inadequate. ~Nelson Mandela

Have you ever had a friend, family member, colleague, or patient make a comment about your success either financially or in practice (business), and instead of stepping up to the plate as a leader and using that opportunity to lead or teach that person, you made light of it or shrank so as to not make them feel inferior or inadequate? Guess what? That may have been the only time in their life that anyone had inspired them to act on the potential that they have inside of them.

And Guess what again? If you do not take that chance to lead that person then not only might that person never reach their true potential, you will not continue to get those opportunities. You may not reach your potential as the leader that you strive to be.

So, we must be very conscious of where those within our influence are coming from so as to know where to meet them. We have all heard of the powerful negative effects of those who have influenced us as we grew up. Dr. Larry Markson, an early mentor of ours, called it “MFTP” (Mother Father Teacher Preacher). It simply encompasses all those folks who impacted our thought development. Even if these people who molded us have good intentions, their words and actions had/have the potential to be devastating to our subconscious minds. You must be ever conscious of your self-talk and dialogue with others so as to not become part of the negative “MFTP” to those around you.

So, like Mandela, we implore you to always talk about (and most importantly think about) how business is always BOOMING. Chiropractic is always LIFECHANGING. You are BLESSED, and all aspects of your life are PROSPEROUS BEYOND MEASURE. This will, not only program you to reach these very ends, it will also uplift those around you and position you as the leader you should be … whether it is in your practice, family, community, or our fabulous profession.

The systems of success have been written, and the opportunities to thrive in chiropractic and life are real. To know more, contact HealthSource Launch U.

About Dr. Bart

Dr. Bart Anderson spends much time learning and sharing the principles of business, success, attitude, and personal “success”. He has motivated thousands through his inspirational talks. Audiences consist of civic groups, businesses, athletic teams, prisons and, of course, chiropractic students, doctors and staff.

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