Establish YOUR Plan!

GPSAlmost every person we have ever spoken to about goal setting or “plotting a course” for success shows a great interest in putting these principals in motion. Unfortunately, because of either a lack of drive or the absence of a clear place to start and proper directions once started, many people fail in their attempt and tragically abandon the principle. We can tell you with full certainty that the goal setting principle IS an absolute law of nature. In other words, if your “plane” (i.e. your practice, career, etc.) crashes, it is almost always pilot error and not equipment malfunction!

The mechanics of goal setting are simple. Just write down your every good desire in all areas of your life experience (personal, professional, purpose, play, and prosperity). Warning: You should only do this IF you want to grow strong and ensure you lead a rich meaningful life filled to overflowing with joy, love, success, health, happiness, prosperity, and a higher spiritual state of mind.

Most people have no idea how easy goal setting really is. To simplify, it works the same as writing a weekly grocery list. With that list in your hand, you generally obtain everything on the list … and then some bonus items for good measure! Without a list, we often fail to obtain a critically important item (or several) and have to wastefully spend time going back to re-do what could have already been done if a plan were in place.

ListSimilarly, super achievers in chiropractic (and ANY field for that matter) always transcend their stated goals simply because they have positive momentum, definiteness of purpose, and a pre-programmed internal compass that is defined by their purpose. Oh, some can absolutely achieve short-term success or positive momentum without these tools. BUT the added responsibility and requirements of capacity and of one’s self typically create more than can be maintained (without a plan) and ultimately that person reaches a self imposed ceiling.

You’ve probably heard the term “the sky is the limit”. That’s an interesting statement. Why is the SKY the limit? It is said because that is as far as most can see. At HS Launch U, we hope you will learn to see that the limit is defined by what you can first conceive in your mind. What do YOU see? THAT determines your limit. Not the sky. Whatever IT is, we believe that ultimately (with the right tools) you CAN make it happen.

So, ultimately success comes from within and not merely as a result of your environment. There are tons of books out there that will walk you through the steps of goal setting, but bear in mind: Do NOT over complicate it. Make your “grocery list” and go shopping for success!

For a GPS during which one of our team members can address this topic with you one-on-one in more detail, simply go to this link and complete the info.

Realize your full potential and live the life of your dreams! The systems of success have been written, and the opportunities to thrive in chiropractic and life are real. To know more, contact HealthSource Launch U.

About Dr. Bart

Dr. Bart Anderson spends much time learning and sharing the principles of business, success, attitude, and personal “success”. He has motivated thousands through his inspirational talks. Audiences consist of civic groups, businesses, athletic teams, prisons and, of course, chiropractic students, doctors and staff.

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